Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sony RX1 - Aftermarket Lens Hood

The Sony branded RX1 Lens hood costs 3 times a much as this aftermarket hood. Is the cheap aftermarket hood any good?

I've always liked to use lens hoods on my lenses. Not only do they block unwanted light from entering the lens at extreme angles, causing flare and loss of contrast, but they also protect the front element of a lens to some degree.

I purchased the RX1 knowing that Sony was charging a fortune for most of their accessories. I planned on getting an aftermarket lens hood that screws into the 49mm filter threads. But then I stumbled upon a hood from JJC that uses the RX1's bayonet mount, just like the Sony hood, leaving the threads open.

Here is what it looks like:

At $54.99, The JJC hood offers a substantial savings over Sony's lens hood ($178). The hood appears to be made of aluminum, except a small ring with the necessary moldings to fit into the bayonet mount on the lens. Although it doesn't match the RX1's finish exactly, overall it has a really nice finish.

I should probably confess at this point that the wrist strap I use is a Wii Remote wrist strap. I used one on my RX100, and I love it on the RX1 as well. It's strong, small, light, & doesn't get in the way.

So the most important part about the lens hood is probably performance. At 1/3 the cost, does it do what it needs to do? I can't compare it directly to the Sony lens hood, but I can't imagine the Sony lens hood doing anything different or better, unless it has different physical dimensions.

Here's an extreme test. I put the RX1 on a tripod in front of my car, turned the lights on, and found a position where the light entered the lens at an extreme angle, causing a loss of contrast:

And here's a 2nd shot with the JJC lens hood on:

Yup, it does what it's supposed to do. And like I said before, it also provides a little bit of protection so that I don't feel the need to keep the lens cap on the RX1 at all times.

You can get the JJC lens hood on amazon by clicking the link below:

JJC LH-LHP1 Professional Lens Hood for Sony DSC-RX1 Digital Camera Replaces Sony LHP-1


Ron Raley said...

Thanks for finding that hood! Did you run a quick vignetting check?

Scott said...

Thanks Ron. Yes, I did test that, and I'll add my findings to the article. This lens hood produces no vignetting.

I have not yet officially tested interference with the built-in flash. I'll take a few test shots & post those results as well!

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